Robots Won’t Take Over The World: But They Might Help at Home

The US government had cool plans for robotic technology to take a significant role in the military, but since the government has basically gone broke they’ve cut funding from some really cool stuff. While that has meant trouble for Boston Dynamics who had already developed some ridiculous robots, like ones that look like a cow, lacked funding has send all the awesome companies running for cover.

Even the UN is worried about robots programmed to kill, in this inquisitr article they mention how the technology is available to train a robot to recognize faces, and especially the faces of targets like terrorists and fugitives and kill them with a robotic weapon, similar to the guns used by bomb disposal robots when they do a controlled detonation of a bomb.

According to the guys at DARPA, who are behind the cool tech in the US Army, have a $2.8 billion budget, so robot makers might need to send in their robots to rob a few banks, or perhaps the federal reserve in order to keep the funding streaming in, iRobot has decided to change their focus to helping out at home, and it’s worked.

iRobot makes a range of useful household robots, that are the ultimate way for lazy people, to have the floor cleaned, or to scare cats.

It has to be the coolest Christmas gift ever, one of the only things under the tree that both men and women will really enjoy, the iRobot range of house cleaning robots come in all types, the sweep, vacuum and wash floors, as well as cleaning pools and one even cleans gutters, all without you having to lift a finger.

Roomba maker, iRobot, also got a boost of confidence as a result of the technology giant Google purchasing seven robotics companies from the US and Japan, including Boston Dynamics, and it’s clear that they see robots taking a much bigger role in day-to-day life, after investing $10.5 Billion in the robotics spending spree.

One of the biggest problems for companies like iRobot to get off the ground and really build up enormous sales volumes is that consumers are just too scared and unfamiliar with any new technology, but finally that seems to be wearing away as Bloomberg reported that iRobot had some very positive results which boosted their share prices by 7% and brought iRobot (IRBT) investors an 83% return on their investment since the beginning of the year.

If Google enters the market, they are for sure going to invest greatly in marketing interesting and cool new products which will undoubtedly help iRobot as robots become a more acceptable commonplace matter in society.