Atlanta Falcons to do list

The Atlanta Falcons are in a pretty good position. They are a near elite team, that is returning a large number of star players including QB Matt Ryan, and their coaching staff is coming back. That means the lockout will not affect them a ton. They used the NFL draft to get a few players that should make big impacts on this team from day one. The hope is the addition of Julio Jones put this offense over the top. There is no doubt they are in a win now mode.

Right now it seems their biggest roster hole is at corner. Brian Williams is coming off a late season injury, and has been unable to stay healthy over the last two years. Chris Owens was the nickel back, but he was unable to hold that job. Owens also struggled in the playoffs so an upgrade is likely needed here. Once the NFL gets back to business I think they will add a veteran there.

Other than that is looks like the Falcons are good to go for the 2011 season. They could use a young talent at DE to develop into John Abraham’s one day replacement, and they could use a developmental QB to develop behind Ryan. Falcons’ fans should expect big things out of this team in 2011.

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