[BARGAINS] Get LA Noire with added freebies at Kmart

After almost seven years in the making, Team Bondi and Rockstar’s sweeping ’40s crime epic L.A. Noire hit stores today. The critics seem to like it! However, if you’ve not yet tracked down a copy, there might be a way to get the game with some nice extras attached.

From now until Saturday 21st May, Kmart is running a deal where buyers of L.A. Noire also get a $20 credit towards a future videogame-related purchase. If you can be bothered getting off your backside and actually going to a real Kmart, you’ll also be entitled to a free game valued at $19.99 or under.

You will have to sign up to become a Shop Your Way Reward member, but it’s free, quick, and probably worth it for forty buck of goodies, right?

[Via Joystiq]