Microsoft planning ‘Hole In The Wall’ Kinect game

According to this listing on Germany’s game classification board the U!S!K! (it’s actually the ‘USK’, I just like shouting that alone at my desk in a German accent), Microsoft is preparing a probably-for-Kinect game based on hit TV show Hole In The Wall. Maybe it’s, er, one of the ‘hardcore’ Kinect titles Microsoft has been bragging about in recent days.

If you’ve somehow missed it, the show itself involves a number of bespandexed proles attempting to fit their podgy bodies through a strategically shaped hole in a wall that is moving slowly towards them. It’s a sort of human Tetris, and about as dignified as that sounds.

There’s no further information on the title right now, and we don’t know for sure this is even a Kinect game except COME ON this is plainly a Kinect game. And why not? I can see how this might be good fun at a party after a refreshing drink or ten. Spandex optional.

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[Via GameSetWatch]