Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino Sues His Dad Over Website Attacks

Raise your hand if you saw this one coming, Mike Sorrentino, better known as Jersey Shore’s“The Situation” has filed a lawsuit against his dad Frank Sorrentino. In the lawsuit The Sitch says his dad’s new website TheConfrontationSite.com is illegally using his name and likeness to promote attacks against his character.

Mike says in the lawsuit that his dad Frank is attempting to ruin his business reputation by posting videos and statements all over the website that attack “The Situation” name.

On a more personal note, Mike says his dad’s business partner, the man responsible for creating the site is a “scumbag” businessman with a long history of ripping people off.

In the lawsuit Sorrentino has asked that a judge stop his dad from mentioning his name and using his likeness on the website immediately. The Situation is also seeking unspecified damages, which may be hard to collect on since this entire situation started when he refused to pay his dad’s medical insurance payments.