Mom Of Child Thrown From New York City Building Speaks Out

The mother of the 3-year-old boy who was thrown to his death is now speaking out and she claims that the child’s father did this, then killed himself, out of spite. CBS New York reported that Svetlana Bukharina said in a statement that she had been nervous about her son’s visits with his father.

The Inquisitr reported Monday that New York City police identified the man who threw his 3-year-old son from the roof of an apartment building, then leaped to his own death, as Dmitriy Kanarikov, 35, a Ukranian immigrant who lived in Brooklyn, New York. Bukharina and Kanarikov reportedly have been in the middle of a nasty custody battle, but the mother originally believed the visits were going good between the boy and his father.

“I was nervous about the visits, but the father never did anything violent against the child before,” she said of the two previous visits in a statement issued Monday night through a lawyer. “Both times, Kirill was happy after seeing his dad. Skype calls were also going well.”

Reports state that the couple had used the Manhattan police precinct as a neutral meeting place to pick up and drop off their son, Kirill. According to the Seattle Times, this meeting place was negotiated in advance by the parents. This trip was to be the first unsupervised visitation between Kanarikov and his son.

Bukharina told reporters that the couple had been married for four years and separated in August after a domestic violence incident. She continued on to say that Kanarikov only really cared about getting money and assets from their marriage.

“When we first separated Dmitry told me that he would leave me alone only if I left him everything we had together. Money and assets were most important to him,” she said. “He said he would take the child away and I will ‘shoot myself from grief.’ This was his sick way to take Kirill away from me.”

Bukharina said that she had grown very suspicious of Kanarikov, but that there wasn’t very much she could do. Police say that the motive behind the New Yorl City tragedy remains “murky” according to CBS New York. Police have said that they recovered security footage of Kanarikov and Kirill entering the building, which they did not live in, without being stopped by the doorman. The only connection with the building and Kanarikov, police say, is that he knew someone who previously lived there.

“Kirill was a very sweet, wonderful child, who was loved very much,” his mother said. “He will forever live on in my heart.”