Diet Pills & Green Tea Extracts: Are They Killing You?

New research shows some scary evidence that certain green tea extracts might be damaging your liver.

Green Tea which is famously known for being a natural way to cleanse the liver has been indicated, together with muscle building supplements, to actually be linked to liver damage.

Recent research shows that around 20 percent of all drug-related liver injuries are caused because of unregulated dietary supplements, something that nearly half of Americans are taking. The extent of the damage is really shocking when compared to the fact that these dietary supplements were only blamed for seven percent of liver problems ten years ago.

Dr. Roshini Rajapaksa, assisstant professor of Medicine at NYU, went on CNN to reveal shocking new reasons to believe that the once thought of miracle cure for so many health issues, Green Tea extract, is actually linked to an increased chance of needing a liver transplant or even DEATH!

But, don’t just throw out your tea bags, because dietary supplements, body building supplements and unsubscribed diet pills are also to blame. The golden rule that all these offenders have in common is that they all lack FDA approval, that means that dosage as well as the quality and consistency of the contents is not regulated to the same high standard as FDA approved drugs.

According to Dr Raj. the fact is that any Tom, Dick or Harry can put together one of these concoctions and have it on shelves, there is almost no guarantee of what is actually in those pills and certainly little or no proof if they work or do anything at all, and in fact they could be adding in all sorts of dangerous substances unawares.

The most worrying thing about this research is that the liver damage they can cause is undetectable, and painless, until it becomes irreversible. The symptoms to watch out for are jaundice, yellowness of the skin and eyes, itching, abdominal pain, weight loss, nausea and vomiting.

So Green Tea is still the wonder cure it seems, with it’s incredible high levels of anti-aging anti-oxidants and other health promoting compounds, but just make sure you are buying the right stuff, look for big well known brand names and serious drug companies, don’t take risks with your liver for a few bucks of savings?

Raj suggests visiting your doctor and discussing any supplements, get your doctor to do the research or find you a safe alternative.

Have you had any good or bad experiences with dietary supplements?