Murderers & Burglars: Found from Snow Prints

Police in Texas discovered that a burglar had left a track of footprints in the snow, and tracked him down!

It doesn’t snow all that much in Texas, but when it does, apparently the local police can handle that, too. Police in Amarillo, Texas used the simplest type of detective work to track down Collin Thomas Ferguson using his foot prints in the snow. Ferguson, from New Mexico, is being held on four counts of burglary as well as a charge for possession of a controlled substance, but the other “white-stuff” really landed this guy in it. According to the Independent he was found with Marijuana.

The police were called on Sunday by a man who noticed a stranger inside his parked car. When the police arrived the man fled, but then, according to the Associated Press, he realized that he had left his cellphone inside the car. So he came back, got his cell phone, and then made another run for it.

All police officers had to do was follow the footprints left in the fresh snow to track down the crook, and they found him hiding in another parked car.

His bail has been set at $6,000 and he is being charged for three vehicular thefts and one building burglary.

Snow Helps Find Chicago Cop Killer

In Chicago, where it snows an awful lot, police tracked down two men to their front door for killing a police investigator.

Officers followed a set of shoe prints in the snow for some 400 feet until reaching the front door of Brandon Jackson, where he and Gage Thornton were hiding out after a botched mugging.

They shot and killed Cook County Sheriff’s Officer Cuauhtemoc Estrada, 50, who was making a family Christmas party at the time. Estrada’s daughter, Christina, and her boyfriend, Rigoberto Anaya, went down to their car to fetch some supplies for the party when Jackson, wearing a black ski mask, and Thornton approached them with a gun.


Officer Estrada, and suspected murderers Jackson and Thonrton

As Jackson was trying to get Rigoberto to empty his pockets, Officer Estrada came down and asked what’s going on. As the off-duty Police Officer pulled out his gun, Jackson shot him once in the chest, killing him.

Police tracked their footprints in the snow just 400 feet to find Jackson’s front door and found him inside, with the ski mask hanging out of his pocket.

Jackson and Thornton are being charged with first degree murder and attempted robbery,and are being held without bail.

This year’s snow brings with it justice. Let’s hope police won’t need to catch more murderers, snow or no snow.