Here’s the Gears of War 3 Special Edition

So you’re buying Gears of War 3. Great. But which version? There’ll be three options for those who buy the game – the poor sensible man’s $50 game, an $80 Limited Edition containing a Service Medal, a COG flag, the will of Adam Fenix, and a Adam Fenix multiplayer skin, and an Epic Edition.

That last one will contain everything you get in the $80 bundle, PLUS an 11-inch statue of Marcus Fenix, PLUS a 96-page book of the game’s art, PLUS something called an ‘Octus Service Medal’. That’ll be $150, please. Again, ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS. The equivalent of three full games, or about a dozen Xbox Live Arcade games.

Like every other special edition I’ve seen, this is simply tat to pull in the hardcore, but it clearly does the trick considering how many games get the special edition treatment nowadays.

Scroll down for a video with the game’s Art Director Chris Perna trying to convince you this is worth $150 with a tour of his so-called Wicked Workshop. “My kids don’t come in here,” notes Perna sternly, “because it’s very scary.” It, er, really isn’t, Chris:

[Via press release]