Security Experts: US Airport Security All For Show [Video]

US Airport security is nothing more than a sham, according to security experts. The determination was made by A.R. Challenges, an Israeli-based airline security firm, and it can effect millions of people this holiday season who plan on flying home for the holidays.

Rafi Sela, the president of A.R. Challenges, said in an interview:

“Checking luggage is very nice, it looks great, taking away the breast milk of the mother of a one month old baby, that looks great. It does nothing for security. It’s just a show. I don’t want to frighten anybody, but today even the stupidest terrorist can circumvent the airport security in two seconds.”

Sela has been lobbying heavily in the US for the TSA to take a more “Israeli” approach to airline security. Israeli airlines rarely resort to dumping out liquids or scanning passengers’ bodies. Passengers instead are subjected to multiple short screenings and interviews. While Israeli airports are under a much higher threat level than American airports, they very rarely have security breaches. Sela has given interviews to the The New York Times, The Toronto Star, and even comedy site Cracked, where he stressed that Israel’s airports are easier to navigate and much less intrusive.

TSA spokesman Ross Feinstein said in response:


“The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is working to find and implement new ways to make travel not only more secure, but also more efficient. These efforts are part of a system-wide shift away from the one-size-fits-all security model following the 9/11 attacks, and toward a transportation security system shaped by risk, and driven by the latest intelligence.”

Critics of the Israeli system point to the fact that in Israel, they experience much less volume than in the United States. Additionally, the Israeli system relies heavily on Racial and behavioral profiling. Both practices are a PR nightmare in America, and may even brush up against 4th Amendment challenges.

Do you think the Israeli system is better than the American system for keeping airlines safe?