Valerie Dodds Jailed For Late-Night Nude Shoot At High School

Valerie Dodds, a 19-year-old Nebraska woman who snuck into the Catholic high school she previously attended and filmed pornography on the football field, will serve up to 45 days in jail for her videotaped romp, a judge declared on Friday.

The Lincoln Journal-Star reported that she immediately filed an appeal and was released on $75 bond.

On May 13, Dodds and presumably at least one videographer climbed a fence at Lincoln Pius X High School where she had once been a student. She then proceeded to pose for nude and semi-nude pictures around the campus football field.

On her web site, on which she uses the nom-de-porn "Val Midwest," Dodds said the photo shoot was intended as revenge on her former schoolmates as well as faculty members and school alumni who subjected her to ridicule for her stated ambition to pursue a career as a pornographic actress.

On the sexually explicit site, Dodds also says that in addition to the relatively innocuous photos which she posted on the site, she filmed an explicit video on the football field in which she performs solo erotic acts using adult toys and "even my crucifix."

According to her site, however, the shoot took place at 3 am with no one else present to witness her actions.

"THE ONLY REASON THE POLICE FOUND OUT WAS FROM CREEPING ON HER WEBSITE," the site's author — apparently not Dodds in this case, noted, using the all-capitalized style that symbolizes outrage on the internet. "SHE HURT NOBODY, NO LIVES WERE EVER IN DANGER. HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE SEEN PEOPLE DO THINGS SO MUCH WORSE AND WALK AWAY WITHOUT JAIL TIME."

Judge Thomas Fox sentenced Dodds to 30 days in jail for trespassing and 15 days for public nudity, even though no one other than Dodds herself and her camera operator were able to witness her actions.

"She was upset. She was crying," her lawyer Chad Wythers told Fox News. "Based on her comments to me, I don't think she felt that the punishment fit the crime."

Wythers argued before the judge that first-time drunken driving offenders, who endanger others' lives by their actions, typically receive lighter sentences than Dodds, who harmed no one by "parading around naked."

But prosecutors said that Dodds expressed no remorse.

"I think she deserves jail for what she did," said Christine Loseke of the Lincoln City Attorney's Office.

Dodd's partner in her pornographic web business, Shane Harrington of Las Vegas, had experienced earlier conflict with Lincoln city officials, who denied his application for a liquor license two years ago.

"They don't like me," Harrington told Fox News. "I think that they're thinking, 'We can't get to him, so we're going to go after his model.'"

A judge in Lancaster County District Court will take up Dodds' appeal, though no date has yet been set for that hearing.