Taco Bell Shooting: Police Searching For Possible Suspect

Denver police are searching for a suspect wanted in a shooting that took place at a Taco Bell on Friday night. The reported shooting took place around 9:00 PM, according to the Denver police’s Twitter account.

Police are not sure what the exact motive behind the shooting was, but reports from the Denver Post and CBS Denver say that it may have been the result of a robbery attempt.

There have been a number of reported shootings across the country during the past month or two. This past Friday, The Inquisitr reported on a shooting that took place during the San José, California’s “Christmas in the Park” event. This shooting resulted with at least two injured, one needing surgery for “life-threatening wounds.”

Last Tuesday, there was another shooting, this time in Reno, Nevada. The Inquisitr reported the shooting, which took place at the Renown Regional Medical Center, critically injured two and left another two dead, including the shooter. The gunman reportedly opened fire in the medical center before ending the shooting spree by taking his own life.

In Friday’s Taco Bell shooting, according to CBS Denver, only one person was taken to the hospital with injuries. One of the employees, David Gale, told reporters the following:

“I was just working in the back room and I came up to see my girlfriend. I was walking through my department and they had the bathrooms blocked off and they were already to shoot because somebody was in there. They told me to get out of the way because they thought shots were going to get fired. The guy comes out of the bathroom and it was just a customer. It must have scared the crap out of him.”

Reports state that police have yet to name a suspect. The Denver Channel reported that police may have questioned two possible suspects, but no further details have been released.

[photo credit: compujeramey via photopin cc]