Terrorist Toys: al-Qaeda Lego

Lego has gone all edgy, and politically ironic expanding the range of villians in the Lego collection to include al-Qaeda terrorists. Sadly purchasing an al-Qaeda figure doesn't automaticlly give you the 72 virgins play set but it does come with a rocket launcher, assault rifle, grenades, and hatred of America.

The new range also includes the ability to buy a Nazi major complete with SS insignia and storm trooper which has two grenade launchers. We think if you buy the nazi, you should get a surrendering french soldier for free.

Naturally, there are reports of outrage

Mohammed Shaffiq, of Muslim organisation The Ramadhan Foundation, branded the toy "absolutely disgusting". He said: "It is glorifying terrorism — the makers should be ashamed.

"We should be coming together to unite against terrorism, but how is that possible when children are playing with toys like this?"

The £9.50 or $14.07 US two-inch figures are customised from Lego toys by makers BrickArms, who hope for a Christmas hit. Nothing says Merry Christmas to your 6 year old like terrorist lego!

Lego issued a statement saying it is not associated with the toys which are being sold by BrickArms. Apparently the toys have been customised without its Lego's knowledge or permission. Whatever, its very cool.