Demi Lovato Jokes About Getting A Boob Job To Fix Her 'Mosquito Bites' [Video]

Demi Lovato recently had a laugh about getting a boob job to fix the size of her breasts.

Before the Jingle Ball got underway in Miami on Friday (December 20), the folks at Y100 decided to have a quick chat with the former X Factor judge. For some strange reason, the interviewer asked Lovato which celebrity she thought desperately needed plastic surgery.

Instead of being an enormous jerk and singling someone out for their flaws, Demi Lovato decided to have some fun at her own expense.

"I shouldn't even think this. It should be me! I should get a boob job. They're like mosquito bites," the singer jokingly responded.

She also remarked that she wouldn't mind endorsing Depends at some point down the road. So much for Y100's attempt to get the girl to say something incredibly inappropriate about someone else.

The Huffington Post points out that Demi Lovato has struggled with body issues since she was a very small child. The "Neon Lights" singer said her first memories are of wondering if she'd ever have a flat tummy.

"When I started having body image issues I remember being three years old in a diaper and rubbing my hand over my stomach... and I remember thinking in my head 'I wonder if one day this will ever be flat?'" she told Katie Couric during a 2012 interview.

Demi Lovato is all over the place these days. Not only did the singer make headlines for bailing out of The X Factor, she also got into a lukewarm Twitter feud with Miley Cyrus' personal assistant Cheyne Thomas. We'll let you decide which story is the most entertaining.

The singer also had to contend with Joe Jonas' recent tell-all essay in New York Magazine, an article that spilled some beans about Lovato's struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. Although she didn't necessarily have a problem with her ex-boyfriend's revelation, she wished he'd chosen his words a bit more carefully.

"They're my brothers, I love them so much. Joe and I argue like brother and sister and [he's] always going to be in my life. He meant no harm and he's never had a chance to tell his side of the story so I'm proud of him," she explained at the launch party for Nylon magazine.

Lovato added, "I also said beware because I'm writing my tell-all now. I have a memoir coming out probably next year, I don't know, whenever it's done!"

Are you a fan of Demi Lovato? What do you think about the singer joking about possibly getting a boob job to fix her "mosquito bites"?

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