Has Donovan McNabb reached the end of the road?

It seems a little ridiculous to ask, but after 12 years in the NFL (11 ok years with the Philadelphia Eagles and a disastrous 2010 season with the Washington Redskins) has QB Donovan McNabb reached the end of the road? I am sure he and his agent would say no, but I got to think the NFL is a young man’s game and I can’t see a team currently ready to pay McNabb big time money wit ha guarantee to be teh starting QB.

Beyond his age, McNabb is not exactly a premier QB, maybe he never was, but now he definitely is not. There have been a lot of rumors and speculation about McNabb’s ability to lead a team on the field and command respect in the locker room. Now come reports that he would not wear a wristband coach while playing in Washington last year over fear that it would hurt his reputation. It seems absurd that a guy on a new team and system would not want a helpful reminder of the plays he is suppose to be calling.

I don’t think the Washington Redskins want McNabb and that he never really fit in very good with Head Coach Mike Shanahan. There seems to be little doubt he will be dumped once the NFL gets back to business, but is there a team out there that would want him? Maybe the Arizona Cardinals but they seem ready to make a big play for Kevin Kolb.

The Vikings may have veteran QBitis, after the Bret Favre debacle and beyond that I don’t see a team ready to take a risk on McNabb. He will cost too much, and may not be the best guy to have in a young locker room. Maybe he could go play in the UFL once all 32 NFL teams take a polite pass.