iPad 2 Camera Isn’t A Fan Favorite For Internet Photo Uploads

iPad users weren’t happy when the first generation of the device was released without a camera, an issue Apple fixed with the release of the iPad 2, but now it appears at least according to one study, that users aren’t really using the camera that much after all.

The team at ElectricPig took a close look at Flickr’s current daily average user stats for Apple devices and they found that only 22 out of 40 million Flickr users use their iPad 2 cameras on a daily basis for online sharing purposes. When compared to iPhone 4 users that number is 200 times less impressive.

At 4,391 Flickr members using their iPhone 4 each day for picture taking it shows how little interest Apple device users in general have in picture taking from their Smartphones.

It should also be noted that while only 22 iPad 2 camera users are currently utilizing the service they have managed to upload 12,570 images from their devices.

Perhaps an 8MP camera or higher on the iPhone 5 would push up photo usage for Apple iOS based gadgets.

[via ElectricPig]