‘Saints Row 5’: Jay Mohr Hints At Volition Already Working On Sequel

Saints Row 5 could already be on its way, according to a tweet from actor Jay Mohr. It might not be a follow-up to Saints Row 4, but it is definitely a game in the series.

After the way Saints Row: The Third began veering away from the norm that the series’ original fans were used to, Volition knew they would probably never move forward with the series without deviating even further from the gang wars that made the series memorable. The games started as a sort of Grand Theft Auto clone which took the story further into the territory of gang violence, and virtual gangsters clung to the concept.

Saints Row 4 took the series to its extreme, poking fun at itself as well as almost everything Volition could find. When the President of the United States started telekinetically throwing people at floating targets and destroying semi cabs with the power of dubstep, the fans of the series’ roots had officially given up on it.

Volition has stated before that Saints Row 5 would not be a continuation of its predecessor, so it’s likely that they’re creating a whole new plot line that might take the series back to its roots.

The actor responsible for this tweet, Jay Mohr has only been involved in Saints Row 2 before.

Nothing is known yet of what the next game in the series will be about, but the tweet from Jay Mohr simply reads, “About to do my voice over work for new Saints Row video game. #showbiz.” This tells us that it might not be a sequel at all, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. The fact that this actor has only been in the series once before also hints at a kind of reboot.

We probably shouldn’t expect the super hero shenanigans that Saints Row 4‘s President involved himself in to show up in the next game.

Jay Mohr’s previous work includes starring in one of Lloyd Bridges’ last movies (Mafia), The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, and several TV series such as Gary Unmarried and Suburgatory. Saints Row 2 is one of very few roles he has done in video games before, so we can expect some veteran skills to show up as he re-enters the series for the second time.

Saints Row 5, or whatever Volition is planning to call it, could be a side story featuring some new voice talents. We can only speculate that from the fact that none of the other voice talents from the series have even mentioned a new game.

One fan even asked Arif S. Kinchen (who plays Pierce Washington) about it and he said he doesn’t know. He has been in the series from the beginning.

Saints Row could be getting a reboot or a side story on next gen consoles next year.