Chain Smoker By Chance The Rapper 'Rapper Of The Year' [VIDEO]

"Chain Smoker" by Chance The Rapper was trending on Twitter after the hip hop artist's incredible performance on the Arsenio Hall show. The Chicago based rapper, originally named Chancellor by his mother, was named Spin Magazine"Rapper of the Year".

"Chain Smoker" is the best rap off of his April 2013 released mix tape, Acid Rap. It has been downloaded almost 400,000 times from popular hip hop and music site

Chance has been acclaimed in 2013 as one of the top up and coming hip hop artists, especially coming out of the Chicago area. His Acid Rap tour was hugely successful and in October he began his second tour, the Social Experiment Tour.

Chance says he was influenced heavily by Soul and Jazz. He looks up to rappers like Chief Keef, Kanye West, and Eminem. Also, he spoke on showmanship and the possibility of starting a hip hop union in 2014. Chicaco, known for violence among the young african american population, is close to his heart. Chance the Rapper wants to use his music to make a difference. Twitter responds to the performance.

Watch the interview with Arsenio.

"Chain Smoker" is sure to set off a great career for Chance.