Angry Birds hits Google Chrome

Chrome got another edge over competing browsers like Firefox this week with the introduction of Angry Birds for Chrome.

Rovio’s Chief Marketing Officer told press that Chrome got the honors because of features including “hardware acceleration, HTML 5, in-app payments” and the Chrome web store, where users can access the free game. Rovio CMO Peter Vesterbacka said:

“We’ve wanted to bring Angry Birds to the Web for a long time… The reason we’ve been so angry is we haven’t been able to do it until now. We think Chrome is great environment for Angry Birds.”

Angry Birds became available to Chrome users yesterday in the Chrome Web Store. The app is currently free, although that may eventually change. It’s also ad-free, unlike some mobile versions of the app. It will be interesting to see if this significantly affects the number of people actively using Chrome or helps the uptrending browser grab more market share from Mozilla.

Have you played Angry Birds through your browser yet? Or more accurately, have you done much else since you downloaded it?