Heather Mills Screamed ‘You Bitch, You Bitch’ At Paralympic Official

Heather Mills walked out of the UK disabled skiing team after allegedly arguing with an official who said she couldn’t wear a specially-adapted boot.

Mills allegedly screamed “you bitch, you bitch” at Sylvana Mestre, the technical head of the International Paralympic Committee, when she was told the boot she was wearing wasn’t approved by the organisation. According to sources at the IPC, Mills had to be restrained by staff and threatened to have the official sacked.

A source speaking to the Mirror Newspaper, claimed: “Heather erupted in rage. Sylvana was afraid she might hit her.” Coach Branislav Mazgut told the paper she was red in the face and tried to push the official.

The BBC reports the International Paralympic Committee may decide to take disciplinary action against Heather Mills.

Heather Mills, 45, was preparing herself for the 2014 Winter Paralympic Games. She was aiming for a place in next year’s Paralympic Games, but says she was told she would be disqualified. The reason given was that would have to wear a cover over her boot and prosthetic leg to comply with international rules.

Mills said she was withdrawing from the training because the boot she would have to wear would be too heavy and painful. This summer Mills had a new leg and boot design created by London Prosthetics Center to help reduce the problem.

Heather Mills lost her left leg below the knee in 1993 after she was knocked down by a police motorcycle. She married Sir Paul McCartney in June 2002, but the couple separated four years later in 2006. An extremely acrimonious court battle ensued, which resulted in Mills receiving a settlement of almost $50 million.

Mills and McCartney were finally divorced in 2008. It was then that she began skiing and preparing for the Winter Paralympic Games in Sochi, Russia, in 2014. She is actually ranked 28th in the world in slalom.

Soon after her training began, she was involved in her first accident, and broke a shoulder blade in several places. Mills then had another accident – this time hurting her leg.

It seems that Heather Mills has not been too lucky in her quest for recognition as a top skier. Now, following this incident, her whole future in the sport is uncertain.