Barbara Walters Gets Snarky On Kanye West And Kim Kardashian

Barbara Walters Snarky On Kimye

Barbara Walters is retiring in 2014, and with that comes the end of her twenty-year special, Barbara Walters’ Most Fascinating People. That said, it seems as though Walters has been winding down in the journalism world for a few years now. She gave up her seat on the Friday evening news program 20/20 in 2004, and no longer appears regularly on The View.

With deciding to retire, Walters exhibited a special kind of tonal commentary to her recent reports. Her snark came out in full force during her special for Barbara Walters Most Fascinating People. In fact, during some segments of the broadcast, it seemed as though Walters would rather be anywhere and doing anything rather than talking about who is fascinating among the political pundits and celebrities. While she seemed touched to speak about her experience with the late Nelson Mandela, she seemed annoyed while talking about the celebrities on the “buzzed list” that her producers most likely forced her to put on her “Fascinating List.”

By the time Walters got to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, the irony was not lost on her that Kardashian, a woman with seemingly no talent, was still fascinating for some reason. Walters pointedly referred to Kardashian’s talentless popularity several times during the segment. Sarcastic, unflinching, and downright cranky, Walters took both Kanye West and Kardashian up to task in a colorful commentary.

The highlight of the segment came when Barbara spit out a long-winded laundry list of all of Kanye’s public offenses as she drew from her 2005 appearance with West, comparing how “different” his persona was compared to Kim-gate. She even pulled a sound bite of West saying he’s not into dating a celebrity, and then posed that she’s shocked he would then fall in love with Kardashian.

Even though she went on to compare the ridiculous fascination with Kim Kardashian, and all of the news bits that Kanye West has made throughout the years, along with his “genius” sound bites, Walters ended the tongue in cheek commentary on a good note, if not ridiculously contrived, and a bit tonally flat.

Walters finished the segment on Kimye by saying:

“I’ve interviewed them both before, and I like them.”

Are you sure Barbara Walters?

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