Alec Baldwin Exits “Rock Of Ages” Over Undisclosed Medical Condition

30 Rock actor Alec Baldwin has exited the upcoming production Rock of Ages over an “undisclosed medical condition.”

According to the Hollywood Reporter Baldwin will undergo some type of medical treatment for his condition which will make it impossible for him to begin filming on May 23.

While Baldwin’s medical condition was not disclosed we are told it required “immediate” attention.

Rock of Ages is a popular Broadway film which has attracted a huge list of stars including:

Catherine Zeta-Jones, Tom Cruise, Julianne Hugh, Mary J. Blige, and Russell Brand.

Baldwin has one year left on his 30 Rock contract and then plans to exit the show, even if it remains on the air. At this time it’s still unclear if his condition will keep him from shooting when the next season of 30 Rock begins on set production.