US Copyright Group preps suit against 23K+ BitTorrent users

I have to say, if you’re going down for torrenting a movie, you could have probably been sued for something far better than The Expendables.

Perhaps the US Copyright Group wants to add insult to injury by threatening BitTorrent users for something as eminently sucky as the film Rolling Stone called a “limp-dick bust” with a $150,000 judgment each. March 17th, a judge gave the group permission to subpoena contact information from the tens of thousands of users who downloaded the flick. (Although it sounds like the US Copyright Group could be a government agency, they’re actually a collective of lawyers who sniff around for a cut of suits like these, tricky.)

The filing is expected to be the largest of its kind to date, and if users refuse to settle for fines of about $3,000, they could be found liable for possible damages of $150,000. If the suit is successful for the lawyers group, expect to see many more of its ilk springing up in hopes of wringing money out of potential pirates. Another suit is already in the works, targeting 15,000 suspected porn-pirates.