So Reggie Bush wants out of New Orleans

File this one under athletes should not be on Twitter. Reggie Bush always says that he wants to be a leader that he wants to be the man. However, every time he gets a chance to be just that he finds some way to screw it all up. Regardless what any New Orleans Saints fans believe, I say he is a glorified third down back and punt returner who has never lived up to his contract. On top of that he is owed an 11.8 million dollar signing bonus whenever the NFL gets back to business. All of that means Reggie’s time in New Orleans is coming to an end.

So while his teammates work out at crappy high school fields and with outdated equipment, Reggie is on Twitter bragging about how he is enjoying his time off and what not. It is simply ridiculous for him to be doing that. He could be a good teammate and go to the work outs, prove he will put the work in to not only perform on the field but bond with his team, but no that is not his style.

It is pretty simple for Reggie, do not work out a new deal with the Saints and they will eventually cut him. Since no NFL team would sign a one year 11.8 million dollar guy with Reggie’s skill he would be free to pursue a new contract on a new team. Personally I would love to see him in St. Louis where he could give the Rams offense a little pop and spell the over worked RB Steven Jackson. However, there would likely be many suitors for Mr. Bush once he is free of the Saints.