Fake Pot More Dangerous Than Actual Marijuana, Kids And Doctors Agree

Fake pot more dangerous than actual marijuana, kids and doctors agree

Fake pot is said to be more dangerous than the drug it’s meant to replace. Synthetic marijuana contains chemicals which many believe are more hazardous than cannabis.

Let’s make one thing very clear right away. Marijuana is an illegal drug according to Federal law, and unless you live in a state such as Washington or Colorado (both of which have legalized it within their boundaries), you run the risk of arrest.

It has long been debated that marijuana leads to criminal activity, and said debate has a strong counter-claim that marijuana has never led to an actual death. Now there is a drug called synthetic marijuana, fake pot, K2 or “Spice.” It is sold at a cheaper price than its original counterpart and has been disguised as a kind of incense or potpourri. A recent survey has suggested the drug being used instead of marijuana could be more harmful than the real thing.

Marijuana is completely natural and not considered a drug by people fighting to legalize it across the US. Synthetic marijuana is mashed up plants with chemicals and other ingredients used to make it look like the real thing. It’s those chemicals used to make it that have many kids saying “no” and continuing to use the actual substance because they consider it safer.

University of Michigan professor Lloyd Johnston hosts the annual Monitoring the Future survey aimed at children in late Junior High and High School. He explained the view toward fake pot and its dangers:

“The message has gotten out that these are dangerous drugs. Their ever-changing ingredients can be unusually powerful. Users really don’t know what they are getting.”

Dr. Jeff Lapoint of New York University Bellevue Hospital has a much more solid reason to suspect the dangers of the substitute:

“Marijuana has been used for medicinal and recreational purposes for hundreds of years. It’s been abused, but no one really gets sick. Kids need to know that this substance is more dangerous.”

Dr. Ashwin Reddy of the Boston University School of Medicine says this about the potential effects of synthetic marijuana:

“K2 is a more potent substance than natural marijuana by its actions on the brain. It can cause an increased risk of paranoia, hearing voices, disorganized behavior and panic symptoms. Depending on the person, psychotic symptoms can last a few days to a few months.”

Fake pot is potentially more dangerous than actual marijuana, and kids and scientists both agree on this.

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