Pit Bull Dead After Police Shooting In San Diego

A pit bull is dead after a police shooting in a probation check in San Diego on Wednesday. SDPD and the FBI were doing a routine probation check at a home in Mount Hope when things went bad.

KNX1070′s Tom Reopelle said on his show that a woman who was at the house was moving her dogs into the backyard from her house. She had two dogs, but this 13 year old male pit bull got out and attacked a detective and an FBI agent.

SDPD Lieutenant Kevin Mayer spoke with the media after the pit bull was pronounced dead.

“The FBI agent withdrew a baton and began striking the dog, trying to get it to back off. During the process, the FBI agent gets his hand bit.”

The detective was attacked first, with the pit bull biting his pants leg and sinking his teeth into the detective’s leg. When the blows from the baton did not get the pit bull to stop, the SDPD detective drew his gun and fired three shots at the aggressive animal.

When other police officers arrived, the pit bull was dead from the shooting. He still had the FBI agent’s glove in his mouth from the attack. Both the detective and agent were taken to a local hospital to be checked out for minor injuries.

ICYMI: This dog was a hero for his blind master.

The incident is still under investigation. Signs had been posted all over a fence on the house to “Beware of Dogs.” Unfortunately for the dead pit bull, the police must have missed the signs.