"The Matrix" : A True Story! It's all just a Hologram [VIDEOS]

J.J. Binq


As it turns out, we don't really exist, bummer. Nature.com published some results from a team of Japanese Physicists that seem to prove that Holographic theory is actually correct - so everything, and that means EVERYTHING is really just a holograph.

So What Is Holographic Theory?

It's really quite simple, no just kidding - it's ridiculously complicated, but I'll do my best to explain it.

Basically, scientists did some discovering and worked out that they're discoveries don't fit with each others.

Einstein found the theory of relativity, which basically makes the whole world really really predictable, it explains Gravity and a bunch of stuff and it works, it's been tested and Einstein really was a genius, he was right. But, there's another theory called Quantum Theory discovered by Niels Bohr, which is all bizarre and strange and explains really really tiny rules of physics, and that theory has also been proven right. The problem, or at least one of them, is, that Relativity Theory is based on the speed of light, that light is absolutely constant, and is also the fastest thing possible, anything faster cannot exist because if it did then you could go back in time and kill your grandfather, the famous paradox (remember back to the future?) BUT Quantum Theory has proven that some stuff does go faster than light, in fact information travels instantaneously.

And in fact, more bizarre than that, a really cool experiment shows how you can do some time travelling on an experiment called the Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser experiment, which is a truly freaky version of the already spooky dual-slit experiment.

So, how can they both be right if they contradict each other? Well, a bunch of Scientists recently came up with some other theories, one of them is called string theory which basically says that all the world is just made up of these really really tiny strings that vibrate kind of like guitar strings. And just like you can hear a guitar string, and that you need to plug in your speakers, so too the vibrations on those tiny strings have energy, and according to Einstein's famous E=mc² rule energy is mass (or, simpler put - energy equals material, that's how scientists thought of the big bang, that there was a huge energy build up to make stuff BANG - voila: the universe)

These tiny strings would only work out mathematically if there were more than our regular three dimensions, scientists and mathematicians had to say that there are ten dimensions altogether to understand how string theory works. Let me explain: If you lived inside a Pacman game and the world was just two-dimensional you wouldn't be able to understand things falling on you from above, or falling into a pit, because there is only left and right and forward and backwards if you're Mr Pacman. But, we live in three dimensions, plus time, so cannot understand stuff that is happening in other dimensions. It turns out that String theorists need to say that there are other dimensions in order to make their theory work.

Then came along Steve Hawkings, remember the ice cool British dude in the wheelchair that uses a computer to synthesize his voice, he has ALS or Lou Garrick's Disease. He was writing some cool stuff about black holes, not the place where all your money disappears, but those scary things in outer space.

A black whole is a thing in space where a ton (much more than a ton actually) of stuff got squashed into a tiny dot, basically that stuff is so heavy but get's so compacted and tiny that it becomes a black hole. Explanation: The Earth has gravity, that's what stops us from floating around like we're on a space ship, and it has enough to just keep our feet on the ground, unless you're LeBron James, and not too much to glue us to the floor like dead people. The reason that the Earth has just the right amount of gravity is because of it's weight, the Moon weighs an 8th of what the Earth weighs so that's why Neil Armstrong was bouncing around so much on that old video. The Sun is so massive that it's even holding onto us, the Earth, 93 million miles away so that our whole planet doesn't just float away.

So imagine if all the gravity of the Sun, all it's weight, got squeezed into a tiny ball the size of a lentil. If I would walk around with that lentil in my pocket everything around me, for millions of miles, would zoom into me like a magnet and squash right into that lentil - but it isn't a lentil, it's a black hole - and a black hole is a lot smaller than a lentil, and it's also a lot heavier than our Sun too. In fact, it's called a black hole because it's so heavy that even light can't escape it (but that's another story).

But then some guys told Hawkings that black holes just don't make sense, how can information disappear? I'm not talking about hard-drives, or deleting embarrassing pictures from your iPhone. How does the information about what atom fell in, or what an atom is, disappear? So they worked out that all the information about all the stuff that got sucked into a black hole actually doesn't get destroyed, it is saved and recorded in the sheet of something called an even horizon. The event horizon is that place just by the edge of the black hole, just before you fall in (which I hope you don't). These scientist discovered that the event horizon actually is exactly the right size to hold all the information of everything in the black hole.

The event horizon is like a huge sheet of paper, but it's curved and round kind of like a Donut, mmmm Donuts... So then they thought, well hang on, if all the information is on this two dimensional paper, maybe ALL information is actually on a two dimensional paper. So they thought of a great way to explain themselves, it's like a Hologram. Just like a hologram, which is just a two dimensional flat thing which projects a 3D holographic image, so too Everything in the world is just a projection of some information which is held in some far off 2D sheet?


Seems really weird, but it explains everything about the Universe, it shows how Einstein and Bohr were both right, because nothing really exists anyway, so it doesn't really matter if they contradict, the Universe is just a Hologram. The funny thing about a Hologram is that it changes depending on where you're standing, and that's the strange thing about the universe too, it turns out that the world and especially the Quantum World is just an illusion, it's only there for our observation, and if we don't observe it so it doesn't exist, and experiments have proven that too!

So, the Wachovski Brothers were actually completely right, this is all an illusion, all there is is data, information and observation.

and of course "There (really) is no spoon"