Paul Rudd To Play Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man’

It looks like Marvel Studios has finally found their Ant-Man. After rumors that Anchorman actor Paul Rudd was being considered for the role, it seems like Marvel is giving a big push for Rudd.

Rumors started about Rudd’s inclusion in the Ant-Man film back in October, as the actor was reportedly in the mix with the likes of Joseph Gordon-Levitt for the role. Now it seems as though Marvel is championing Rudd fully, seeing as Gordon-Levitt pretty much has his plate full with directing and producing his own superhero film.

As of last week Rudd told Indiewire that the rumors of him playing Ant-Man were just “rumors” but now there’s a truth in the courting of Rudd for the role. According to Variety Rudd is in serious talks for the role of Hank Pym, who is presumably Ant-Man.

Although we don’t know if Paul Rudd will sign on the dotted line just yet, we do know that the director to helm the project is Edgar Wright, who co-wrote the script with Joe Cornish. As of right now Marvel is staying tight-lipped on Paul Rudd’s negotiations.

Back in October Marvel Studios’ president Kevin Feige said announcements about the cast will be made at the end of the year, and guess what? There’s barely two weeks left before January 1st.

“[Edgar Wright] is working on just sort of tweaking the drafts with Joe Cornish, who now is a big director in his own right of course,” Feige said. “And we’re crewing up and prepping, and there should be some cast announcements probably before the end of the year.”

So far little is known about the plot, but there was a rumor that it would be focused more on the later years of Ant-Man, with the addition of Scott Lang as a nemeses who steals Pym’s technology and becomes the new Ant-Man.

As for a love interest it’s been said that Rashida Jones was the last rumored to step in for chemistry with Rudd. It wouldn’t be a strange coincidence as the two actors have acted alongside each other in I Love You, Man and Our Idiot Brother.

Only time will tell before we know if Paul Rudd is our Ant-Man.