Georgia Lottery Winner Ira Curry: Family Birthdays And Lucky Number Seven Worked!

Ira Curry used family birthdays and the lucky number 7 to win a life-changing $123 million dollars, making her a very happy Georgia lottery winner. She is one of two winners who won an accumulated $636 million in the Mega Millions jackpot.

Curry, who is from Stone Mountain, located east of Atlanta, will have to pay a bunch of taxes on her lottery winnings, hence the reduced take home amount.

The story goes that Curry was innocently driving to work on Wednesday when she heard on the radio that the Mega Ball was number seven. As she knew that was the Mega Ball she had chosen she immediately called her daughter to check the rest of the numbers on the ticket.

An official from the Georgia Lottery said about the winner: “Between joyful tears and laughter on the daughter’s part, she relayed to her mother that her mother had won the lottery.”

The lottery wouldn’t comment on Curry’s age or where she worked, as she didn’t want too much publicity for her and her family. She arrived at the lottery headquarters with her husband and other members of her family and didn’t believe that she had really won.


The lottery said she was “just in a state of disbelief.”

The winning ticket was sold at a newsstand in Buckhead, around 10 miles from Stone Mountain Park. Curry lives just a few short miles from the park.

Kallah Ladler, a neighbor of the Curry’s, said: “Some people get big headed but I don’t think they’ll get big headed. They will probably use it for good.”

The Georgia Lottery winner secured her jackpot with the numbers: 8, 14, 17, 20, 39 and Mega Ball 7.