‘Batman Vs Superman’ Movie Rumors: Joaquin Phoenix Cast As Villain?

'Batman vs Superman' movie rumors point to Joaquin Phoenix as a villain

The latest Batman vs Superman movie rumors are pointing to Joaquin Phoenix being cast as a villain. Though it hasn’t been revealed exactly what his role could be, the heroes seem to be covered already, and Mr. Phoenix is a headlining actor.

When the movie casting began, people were mostly excited about the possibility of seeing more of Henry Cavill‘s take on the man of steel. While critics seemed evenly divided between hating the first film and declaring it one of the best super hero movies ever made, only one thing was certain. Man of Steel was successful enough to warrant a sequel.

The casting has also been almost the bane of the sequel’s existence. While the first film cast such notable actors as Lawrence Fishburne, Russell Crowe, and Kevin Costner, lending it a level of class that isn’t easily duplicated, the sequel hasn’t fared so well.

After Ben Affleck was cast as Batman, the internet exploded with rage. It wasn’t until such notables as Jennifer Garner, Matt Damon, Kevin Smith, and the latest Batman actor Christian Bale told us he would be perfect for the role that we started thinking that he might fit in after all. Keep it in mind that three of those mentioned also costarred with Affleck in various films.

As the rage over Ben Affleck in Batman vs Superman faded, it sparked once more as Fast and Furious 6‘s Gal Gadot was cast as Wonder Woman. Even though the internet seems to think the movie is doomed over its casting decisions, we only know one thing: We won’t know if it’s good until we see it.

With Joaquin Phoenix possibly taking the stage now, the question remains what his role might be if the rumor is true. It is almost certain that he might play a villain, with Lex Luthor named as his most likely role. Nothing has been confirmed beyond the fact that he is being considered for the Batman vs Superman movie.

What role do you think Joaquin Phoenix might play in the Man of Steel sequel?

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