Alligator Restaurant Called Cajun Gator Uses Live Animal At The Door

Alligator Restaurant Called Cajun Gator Uses Live Animal At The Door

An alligator restaurant called the Cajun gator is using a live animal at the door. Hopefully, it’s only the patrons who will be doing the good eating…

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, one man tried to swap an alligator for a 12-pack of beer.

The owners of the alligator restaurant weren’t drunk when they proposed to use a live gator at the entrance of their eatery. Located in Michigan, Cajun Gator isn’t quite open yet, but it’s already causing controversy because it needed to submit the idea to the local City Council in order to allow Wally the gator at the front door.

Restaurant developer Larry Jones says there were “a lot more excited people than there are people in question” when the idea for the alligator restaurant was floated. And it’s not like Wally the gator will have access to any visitors. He’ll be safely tucked away in his own glass enclosure that comes complete with heat lamps and a pool for swimming.

The alligator restaurant owner Jeremy Stemen says he actually rescued the gator from a family of four who couldn’t handle the pet as it grew larger. So, if anything, Stemen says Wally is better off than he was before:

“He’s just swimming around, walking around, enjoying his whole plant area in there.”

There was still some people who fought against allowing Cajun Gator to feature a live animal for its namesake. The City Council vote came down four to two in favor of the alligator restaurant, but Councilwoman Anita Ashford was adamant it was a bad idea:

“I’m not comfortable with it. My answer is no, no, no.”

I imagine she probably fears something similar to the image above…

Do you think the alligator restaurant called Cajun Gator is a good idea or a bad one?