Reno Medical Center Shooting Leaves Two Dead, Two Critically Injured

UPDATE – A lone gunman opened fire Tuesday afternoon at the Renown Regional Medical Center, critically injuring two people and killing another before taking his own life. CBS News reported that the gunman and his victims were all found on the third floor in the same area of the medical office building.

Police are now investigating the possible motive behind the man’s attack on the building. The Boston Herald quoted Reno Deputy Police Chief, Tom Robinson, who said the attack doesn’t seem to be random.

“I wouldn’t say they were targeted, but I don’t think it was just random,” he told reporters outside the medical building on the campus of the Renown Regional Medical Center.

Robinson did confirm reports that two people were killed during the shooting, including the shooter. The Inquisitr reported Tuesday evening on the incident, and at that time it was unclear if the shooter killed another victim before taking his own life.

Twitter was alive and active during the time the building was under lock-down:


The Chicago Tribune reported that the identities of the gunman and victims were not immediately released. Robinson told reporters, “We are still in the middle of processing the crime scene, and we don’t want to compromise it by just rushing up to try to identify who the deceased people are.”

Robinson continued to say that police are still investigating the incident and are in the process of interviewing close to two dozen witnesses from the crime scene.

[Image via Shutterstock/Lonely Walker]