Mind Control Research In Russia Was A Weapons Race With US

Mind control research was a serious field during the Cold War. Both Russia and the United States were putting a great deal of research into alternative weaponry and parapsychology. As a recent survey discovered, the Soviet Union spent between $500 million and one billion dollars on their programs. Perhaps most interesting is that even though these programs were all disbanded by 2003, the post-Soviet Union Russia has shown a renewed interest in futuristic weaponry.

Knowledge about the US-led research into these fields, like the infamous MKULTRA project, has become public since the Cold War’s end. A new report from German researcher Serge Kernbach, published by Cornell, takes a look at the lesser known Soviet programs involving what they termed “psychotronics,” or mind control.

Soviet scientists’ descriptions of what exactly that field entailed are as odd and esoteric. Research projects were focused on the effects electromagnetic fields had on human nervous systems. Their reports describe looking into the “quantum entanglement of macroscopic systems,” using the Aharonov-Bohm effect, and exploring the “‘human operator’ effect.”

Perhaps the most hopeful reports pointed to the possible uses for electromagnetic fields, or EMFs. Kernbach’s report found that both US and Soviet researchers say they had success in using EMFs to create hallucinations (called “radiosound”). They say they were also able to disrupt the ability to form or recall memories and affect the brain in other ways, as a possible form of mind control.

Unfortunately, much of the new report lacks details of the Soviet scientists’ research. This is partly because many files on these programs, many reaching back to the 1960s, are still being withheld from the public. Kernbach says that while these programs were supposedly closed after the end of the Soviet Union, since 2003 experimental work has still be carried out in Russia. There are as many as 500 “psychotronics” scientists still at work, he says.

Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said last year that his ministry was working on “weaponry based on new physics principles.” This includes “direct-energy weapons, geophysical weapons, genetic weapons” and other science fiction-sounding technology. He has since been fired.

Mind control and other strange weaponry is likely still in development in both Russia and US, Kernbach says. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin himself has stated in the past that Russia needs to prepare itself for future conflicts, and this includes weapons of “different physical principles.”

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