Big Sean Releases Christmas Card With Naya Rivera [Photo]

Big Sean and fiance Naya Rivera recently dropped their Christmas card on the masses.

In true celebrity fashion, the rapper and the Glee star decided to pose for a holiday greeting card for their friends, family, and fans. The admittedly adorable couple released the image exclusively with the folks over at Just Jared.

Although Big Sean looks sharp in his outfit, it’s Rivera that clearly stands out on the Christmas card. Of course, the red dress and those long legs are definitely a little hard to miss. Regardless of where you eyes land first, it’s hard to deny that the holiday greeting is nothing short of sexy.

In case you’re not up-to-date on the comings and goings of Big Sean, the rapper got engaged to Naya Rivera not too long ago. Instead of letting his bride-to-be handle all the details and preparations for the upcoming ceremony, the actress told People that he’s “so involved” with the wedding.

“We definitely bounce things off of each other. We’re always on the same page about everything, which is probably why we’re getting married,” she said.

In addition to making arrangements for her upcoming wedding to Big Sean, Rivera is also currently on the prowl for a dress. While she’s apparently tried on a few dresses, the actress hasn’t found the right one just yet.

“It’s going really well. It’s fun. It’s obviously something that I’ve never done before, but it’s so fun. It’s that Cinderella, Princess moment, and I went around with my friends, my mom, and it just felt amazing to try on all of those gowns,” she explained.

Tying the knot with the Glee star isn’t the only thing Big Sean is working on at the moment. According to XXL, the rapper is presently putting together a new batch of songs. His next musical endeavor should hit retail shelves at some point next year.

Big Sean appeared onstage during Drake’s recent performance in Detroit. Not only did Big Sean declare that the Canadian-born rapper was “one of the realest in the industry,” he also confirmed that Drake would lend a helping hand with the new album. Unfortunately, a release date for the songs isn’t available as of this writing.

Curious to see the couple’s first Christmas card together? Have a look at the image below.

What do you think about Big Sean and Naya Rivera’s holiday greeting?