Authorities suspect two serial killers on Long Island

According to the New York Times, the suspected serial killer who has been dumping the bodies of sex workers at the side of the road off Ocean Parkway is actually more likely two serial killers.

Suffolk DA Thomas Spota says that some indicators suggest that despite the proximity of the bodies, differing patterns in victim profiles as well as fluctuations in how the bodies were disposed suggest the murders may not be connected:

He said one of them most likely belonged to an Asian male in his late teens or early 20s. He appeared to have died a violent death, but the circumstances appeared different than those of the other people found, Mr. Spota said.

The eighth body belonged to a toddler, likely a girl, Mr. Spota said. Her body was found wrapped in a blanket with no obvious signs of trauma.

“While the toddler was found only 250 feet away from Jane Doe No. 6, there is no indication so far that they are connected,” Mr. Spota said.

Some of the victims were dismembered, Spota disclosed, and partial remains for some of the victims were located several years ago in Manorville, 45 miles east of the Ocean Parkway location. One positive identification was made recently, indicating some of the remains found belonged to 20-year-old Jessica Taylor. Two further sets of remains were found near Ocean Parkway in Nassau County, and those remains have not yet been identified.