Woman Stuffs 277 Christmas Trees Inside Her Maryland Home

Christmas Trees

The next time you think your family has gone overboard with the holiday decorations, take a moment to consider the woman who has 277 Christmas trees inside her house.

Renetta Zanco of Lothian, Maryland is apparently very fond of the Christmas trees. While most people struggle to maintain one of these iconic decorations every year, this woman takes her love of the holidays to the extreme. Each and every year, she unpacks 277 Christmas trees and displays them around her home.

Keep in mind that these aren’t just wonky trees that are haphazardly slapped into a corner of her house. Zanco is clearly in love with Christmas trees, as evidenced by the amount of time and care she puts into displaying the items. Regardless of how you might feel about her obsession, you have to admit that she displays the trees with a fair amount of pizzazz.

How did Zanco’s collection of Christmas trees swell to 277 unique pieces? During her chat with Fox News 5, she explained that it originally started as a competition with her sister in Oklahoma. Not surprisingly, it didn’t take long before it kind of took on a life all its own.

She told the outlet:

“Each year, she would call me up and say, ‘How many trees did you put up?’ And then, of course, I would have to outdo her,” explains Zanco. “So I would call her back and say I’ve got two more than you did. Then she would call me back the next year [and say], ‘Well, I’ve got five more’ and it started out like that. Yes, I’ve got her beat now.”

In order to fit all of these Christmas trees inside her Maryland home, Renetta Zanco and her husband had to get a little creative. Apparently the couple had to stash a few of the items inside one of their showers, though this isn’t much of a problem since they live by themselves. However, her hubby won’t let her decorate his basement.

It also helps matters considerably that a lot of these pieces are relatively small. As you can tell from the gallery posted as Fox News 5, there are still quite a few very large Christmas trees sprinkled throughout her house. To say describe the entire scene as a festive holiday jungle is certainly an understatement.

Since Zanco has 277 Christmas trees in her collection, she’ll have to spend quite a bit of time putting them away. Unless she hits a snag between now and then, the Maryland woman with tons of holiday spirit will finish boxing everything up by this February.

[Top Image via Shutterstock.com]