[RUMOR] Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 launches November 8th

UPDATE: Activision just finished its conference call to press and shareholders, in which Acti executive Eric Hirshberg promised an “unprecedented online universe.” Here’s what else he had to say:

“The creative excellence and sheer scale of the game we are making, and the unprecedented online universe that will accompany it, will reset the bar for this genre, giving players a new level of immersion, connectivity, community and, of course, epic action. […] On our last call, I told you that we had formed a wholly-owned development studio called Beachhead to lead the creation of an all new connected digital universe to the Call of Duty franchise. This platform will include a suite of services and content plan that will unite and ignite the community like never before. The platform will support in-game integration and bring online experiences and console play together for the first time. It’s been in development for almost two years and we’re very excited about the increased value and excitement we can bring to our community through this platform.”

ORIGINAL STORY: It will almost certainly be 2011’s best-selling videogame, but the next Call of Duty has not even been announced yet. However, according to ‘multiple sources’ close to Eurogamer, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will launch on November 8th, just six months from now.

Meanwhile, an entry on the store of UK supermarket Tesco (since removed) has listed the game as Call of Duty: Project Collossus.

November 8th is not exactly a wild guess. Indeed, as previous Call of Duty launch dates have shown …

Call of Duty: Black Ops — November 9th, 2010
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 — November 10th, 2009
Call of Duty: World at War — November 14th, 2008
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare — November 9th, 2007

… November 8th is a highly likely release date for Modern Warfare 3, or whatever the next COD may be called. In the coming hours, Activision Blizzard is announcing its financial results for Q1 2011, so there’s every chance we’ll hear more then – I’ll keep this post fresh and updated, so check back!

[Via Eurogamer]