Kanye West Poses With Pugs For An Awesome Calendar, Sort Of

What can be better than Kanye West posing with pugs? If you can’t come up with an answer that’s superior, it’s because nothing is better than Kanye West posing with a pug. There’s one problem: although Kanye’s face is clearly seen next to a pug on the official “Kanye’s Pug Calendar,” the rapper and self-proclaimed genius had nothing to do with the calendar. But, with that said, the calendar itself still states that it’s “2014% awesome” and we’re inclined to agree.

A company from Barcelona called “Meet The Pugs” has decided to put together a 12-month calendar with photos of Kanye West just chilling with the little pug puppies. Kanye’s face is superimposed on male models’ bodies as they chill in various climates with, you guessed it, pugs.

The idea came to fruition when the company, who naturally loves to put pugs on anything, decided to combine their passion of pugs with Kanye West. It was such a success, and the interest was so high, that they came up with the idea to come forward with the Kickstarter campaign.

The company asked for $22,706 for their goal to produce copies of Kanye’s Pug Calendar. The project was completely funded two days ago on Kickstarter, but it has officially hit the internet due to the company’s decision to release their prototype in their Kickstarter updates.

Kanye West and pug calendar

The last update shows the final design of the calendar, which features Kanye West just hanging out at the beach with a pug that’s after a flying ball. All of the months come with a quote said by Kanye West himself. Most of the quotes were gathered during his promotional tour for his album Yeezus. Our favorite is January’s quote, which is featured on the picture, “I’d be lying to myself if I didn’t say I’m a genius.”

Kanye West Kickstarter

The only downside to the calendar is that it’s already sold out. What a bummer.