Happy Holidays: Lindsay Lohan Is Making Music Again

Lindsay Lohan To Release Music

It seems as though every December a celebrity makes an announcement that comes out of left field. We would have pegged that to be Beyonce with her surprise album, but she didn’t actually make an announcement, and there’s nothing ridiculous about a well made album. However, leave it to Lindsay Lohan to drop a bomb that she’s returning to the recording studio.

Lohan, who has been in the headlines for club antics and a slew of rehab stints, was once a successful actress with a budding music career. According to Lindsay herself, she’s going back into the studio to resurrect her career as a recording artist.

According to TMZ, Lohan was at a recording studio in New York City over the weekend to play around and experiment with some tunes. Although Lohan is more into EDM music these days, she was once known for having a hit pop album called Confession of a Broken Heart.

So far, it’s not known if Lohan will eventually sign with a label again, but it’s said that she did seek advice from her friends, who include pop hitmaker Lady Gaga and Max from the UK boy band The Wanted.

Previously, Lindsay Lohan was signed to Casablanca Records in 2004 under the management of Tommy Mottola. Her second release was in 2006, titled A Little More Personal (Raw). Her last musical effort was in 2008 when Lohan decided to release a single written by Ne-Yo and Stargate.

As recently as yesterday, Lohan revealed that music isn’t the only thing on her mind. It was reported that Lindsay Lohan might be releasing a tell-all book about her legal troubles. At least she isn’t trying to resurrect her film career after bombing with The Canyons earlier this year.

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