Donald Trump Forced To Drop Out Of Indy 500 Appearance

Donald Trump was suppose to serve as the celebrity pace-car driver on May 29th at the 100th Anniversary of the Indianapolis 500, however the real estate mogul and reality TV star has been forced out of the competition as claims of racism circle the possible U.S. Presidential nominee.

For his part Donald has put his own spin on the dismissal, announcing that it would be “innapropriate” to join the race as the celebrity pace car driver when “he may be announcing shortly his intention” to run for the officer of the President of the United States. Donald also said that appearing for race lessons would be impossible closer to race week because of his busy schedule.

In reality Trump was pushed out of the race when race fans, local Indy citizens and even Indiana state lawmaker State Rep. Jeb Bardon requested that he be ousted.

Rep Baron said on the legislative floor:

“The folks I have talked to indirectly have shared concern with the situation.”

Those concerns regard Trump’s constant questioning as to whether Obama was born outside the United States and qualified to attend two Ivy League Schools. Trump also recently made comments about “the blacks” which has led many people to feel that he is a racist, an image the race circuit does not want to be associated with.

A Facebook page asking to have Trump removed from the Indy position has more than 17,000 likes.

In the next week a replacement celebrity driver will be announced.