Hall and Oates Welcomed To The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

Hall & Oates Hall Of Fame

Hall and Oates were among a variety of stars to be inducted into the prestigious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Among the new members announced yesterday were Peter Gabriel, Cat Stevens and Linda Ronstadt.

In order to qualify for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a composer, performer or musician becomes eligible for induction 25 years after the release of their first record. They must also: “have demonstrated unquestionable musical excellence,” according to the Hall of Fame.

The president of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Joel Peresman, said that it was no surprise that Nirvana was the first band to gain entry to the Hall of Fame in their first year of eligibility.

Cat Stevens, who converted to Islam and renamed himself Yusuf Islam, was said by the institution to be an “introspective cornerstone of the 1970s singer-song writer movement.”

Stevens shared with Rolling Stone that converting to Islam had lost him many fans as he felt more and more excluded: “However, I had found the spiritual home I’d been seeking for most of my life,” he said.

KISS were lauded by the Hall of Fame to be “inspirational”. “Few bands short of the Beatles inspired more kids to pick up the guitar than Kiss,” they said.

Daryl Hall and John Oates are renowned to be the “most successful pop duo in history” by the Hall of Fame, and they boast an amazing six Number One hits during their career.

The Hall of Fame induction ceremony, which is due to be held in April 2014 in Brooklyn, New York, is a celebration of everything that is great in Rock and Roll.

Hall and Oates, Peter Gabriel, Cat Stevens and Linda Ronstadt are no doubt worthy to be in the esteemed Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Which of them, in your opinion, is the most worthy and why? Share your thoughts in the comments feed below.