Scientist Burned Down Orlando Church Because He Was ‘Tired Of Mosquitos’

Drazen Premate

A scientist from Orlando, Florida, burnt down a church because he said he was “tired of those mosquitoes.”

The suspect, 57-year-old Drazen Premate, is alleged to have set fire to the H20 Church on West Livingston Street on Saturday. The Sun Sentinel reported on the arrest documents: “A man at the church Saturday afternoon saw Premate add wood to a fire, which then grew out of control.”

The report noted that the church suffered “substantial” damage at the rear of the structure. Premate was arrested on a criminal arson charge and is currently being held at the Orange County Jail.

Apparently, Premate is a space expert and used to own a company called the International Space Corporation. His company joined up with NASA to install crystal-growing furnaces on space shuttles.

Premate’s Linkedin page sheds some more light on the type of company he owned:

“ISC was a privately held space company Drazen co-founded with a private Space Coast investor Robert C. Haines that had a Joint Endeavor Agreement with NASA for 7 Shuttle flights worth $23 million to fly in space the largest space furnace ever built in the world (still the case today) to process expensive crystals and other materials in zero-g of space.”

After the company went south, Premate apparently lost his money and became homeless. It is clear that he is a brilliant man, intellectually speaking. What isn’t clear is what led him to set fire to a church and endanger lives.

Could it really be the case that pesky mosquitos annoyed Premate so much that it drove him to become an arsonist and burn a place of worship? Or is it more likely that Premate suffered some kind of “mental incident” which caused him to carry out the arson attack?

Local authorities are investigating the case, hoping to get some answers as to why scientist Drazen Premate behaved the way he did.