Lindsay Lohan Denies Rumors She’s Converting To Scientology

Rumors have been circulating around the internet since Friday that Lindsay Lohan was getting ready to join the Church of Scientology, lured in by none other than active church member and actor John Travolta, however her friends are now stating in no uncertain terms that she has no plans to make such a move.

Sources close to TMZ say Lohan has “no plans whatsoever” to join the Church and that she hasn’t even been asked to attend the church by current members.

It should be noted that she also isn’t speaking out against the church and plans to stay Catholic just as she was raised, In fact insiders say she is an avid practitioner of the Catholic faith.

That’s too bad, her type of crazy would be a great fit for the church, perhaps her and Tom Cruise could run around jumping up and down on couches together and babbling about nothing.