2010 NFL Draft one year later: Carolina Panthers

So the Carolina Panthers did not have a first round pick because they traded a first round pick for a second round pick in the 2009 draft. Not a great trade as they moved up to get DE Everette Brown and he has not given them the intended impact. They cost themselves a shot at another impact player. So they used their first 2010 pick on Jimmy Claussen and then gave up on him a year later. That is three wasted draft picks and there is no wonder this team is coming off a 2-14 season.

A quick look at the 2010 Panthers draft class:

  • Round Two- QB Jimmy Claussen
  • Round Three- WR Brandon Lafell
  • Round Three- WR Armanti Edwards
  • Round Four- DE Eric Norwood
  • Round Six- DE Greg Hardy
  • Round Six- WR David Gettis
  • Round Six- FS Jordan Pugh
  • Round Six- QB Tony Pike
  • Round Seven- DB RJ Stanford
  • Round Seven- DB Robert McClain

So Claussen went 1-9 as the starter and they have used the first pick in the 2011 draft on Cam Newton. Lafell caught 38 passes for 468 yards. Edwards had no passes but played a little QB. Norwood saw limited action. Hardy had 30 tackles and forced two fumbles. Gettis beat out Lafell for the starting spot. Pugh had 12 tackles, 1 pick, and broke up 4 passes. Pike played poorly in a loss to New Orleans. Stanford was cut in camp, and McClain racked up 16 tackles.

I think this draft class was all about whether or not Claussen could develop into a NFL starting QB. They only gave him one year to do it, and he failed for the most part. In my mind that drags down the grade for this class. The other players selected still have some upside, especially the wide outs if Newton can become a NFL starting QB.

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