San Francisco Giants Batting Coach Being Sent Into Space

San Francisco Giants hitting coach Hensley “Bam-Bam” Meulens is going to the moon! Well maybe not the moon but he is going into outer space.

Meulens was invited on the trip by his native country of Curacao, they will launch their own commercial space tourism program in 2014.

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The first 100 flights, though, have been set aside for a group of so called “Founder Astronauts.” Meulens will join three Dutch celebrities — a disc jockey, an air travel pioneer, and a supermodel — on flight No. 1. […]

“It hasn’t clicked,” said Meulens, who will go through intense space training classes in advance. “It still hasn’t clicked yet.”

The cost for a trip into space? Current pricing is set at $90,000 per person.