SNL Interpreter Skit Fun, But Obama Assassination Conspiracy Theories Not So Funny

SNL Interpreter Skit Fun, But Obama Assassination Conspiracy Theories Not So Funny

A SNL interpreter skit is making fun of a subject many find dead serious: Obama assassination conspiracy theories. Think I’m kidding? Unfortunately, some feel it may have been real attempt to set up Thamsanqa Jantjie for a crime…

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Obama’s fake sign language interpreter was once charged with murder and rape.

The Nelson Mandela memorial was supposed to be a somber event that celebrated the life of the man. But instead of focusing on Obama’s speech most seemed to notice the interpreter wasn’t making any sense:

“That there was a fake interpreter, an imposter there on that world stage, it’s a powerful message of disrespect for all of the people attending the event and that’s what the [deaf] community is upset about. In South Africa, they do have very skilled interpreters there, so it wouldn’t be difficult to hire a person qualified to do that work. The ironic part is that they have interpreters there … so why did they hire a fake interpreter for the stage?”

That seems to be the main question, doesn’t it? The SNL interpreter skit makes light of the situation, but his record is anything but funny. Police records include violent acts, and allegedly even murder, but he never stood trial because he was deemed mentally unfit due to his mental illnesses. Mr. Jantjie claims he was suffering from a hallucination at the time and has since apologized. Still, this is not a guy you hire to get close to world leaders. But things got even stranger when the fake signer’s company abruptly disappeared. Vanished.

So what really happened? Maybe when the company saw reports about Obama’s “fake” interpreter they dropped everything and ran to save their reputations. I’ve also seen some float the possibility of political enemies of Nelson Mandela simply wanting to stage an after-death revenge. But if you look around on social media some people are proposing President Obama assassination conspiracy theories, where this company hired him on purpose with the hopes that this guy would freak and do something horrible on stage with the President of the United Sates. Or maybe he was a pre-programmed, drug induced robot that just didn’t function as intended as this YouTube video suggests:

And it’s not like an Obama assassination threat is unusual. Just this past month a militia threatened the President, claiming Obama is a “dictator” and that the “authority to kill Obama comes from the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution.” And two years ago a White House shooter was charged with an Obama assassination attempt.

Whatever the case, conspiracy theories tend to come up no matter what. For example, some people claim Sandy Hook and the Aurora theater shooter weren’t random at all, but ‘made.’ More recently there were even Paul Walker conspiracy theories that claimed the Illuminati and Brian Griffin, the dog from Family Guy, were somehow tied into the car accident. That would actually be funnier than the SNL interpreter skit if it wasn’t so messed up.

So what do you think about the SNL interpreter skit and the Obama assassination conspiracy theories?