Michelin Tires Recall: 1.2 Million Truck Tires Recalled For Rapid Air Loss

Michelin Tires Recall: More Than 1 Million Truck Tires Recalled For Rapid Air Loss

A Michelin tires recall is affecting more than 1 million tires after they were found to experience tread loss and rapid air loss on the road.

The tire company reported that there have been no deaths or injuries in connection to the tires being recalled, and so far less than 200 have been returned by customers.

The 1.2 million Michelin tires being recalled were manufactured between January 2010 and June 2012. Michelin stopped producing the tires in 2012 when it refreshed its product line.

Customers can find the Department of Transportation date range on the sidewall represented by four numbers, with first two digits for the week and the last two digits for the year. The tire version and size are: Michelin LTX M/S LT 225/75R16 115/112R LRE.

“Michelin recommends removal of these tires as soon as possible,” the company noted in a press release published this week. “Owners of the affected tires should visit an authorized Michelin retail location as soon as possible to have the tires replaced at no charge.”

The Michelin tires recall comes just a few weeks after another car recall nearly identical in size from Chrysler. The car maker announced that it was recalling 1.2 million Dodge Ram trucks to correct an issue that could cause a loss in steering. Another 94,000 Jeep Grand Cherokees were also recalled due to electrical problems that could disable safety systems within the vehicle.

Officials from Chrysler admitted that the recall was “casting a wider net than necessary” but that the company wanted to correctly identify all vehicles that may have needed repair.

People who want to know more about the Michelin tires recall can check out the company’s website or call Michelin Consumer Care at 1-800-231-5893. They can also locate a tire dealer to aid in the removal of recalled tires.