News Anchor Drops F-Bomb As He Signs Off [Video]

news anchor drops f-bomb

Live from Wichita… it’s Saturday night!

News anchor Justin Kraemer apparently didn’t realize he was on a hot mic when he dropped an F-bomb on live TV as the credits rolled over an image of the local skyline as he signed off.

Kraemer, an Emmy winner who works for NBC affiliate KSN TV in Wichita, Kan., and is a weekend news anchor, just finished tossing it to Saturday Night Live when he was heard to say to his co-hosts, “let’s get the f*** out of here.”

According to the Daily Mail, “Kraemer, originally from New York state, is an experienced hand in local news and has worked for KSN since 2008. He has worked as a reporter for more than a decade, according the station’s website, and has worked alongside Brian Williams on MSNBC and on CNN.”

Interestingly enough, if you go to the news team staff page, Justin Kraemer no longer appears to have a bio there at this writing. KSN TV has not yet posted a response to the Justin Kraemer F-bomb on its Facebook page either, although viewers left comments about the incident there.

Gawker quipped that “Award-winner Wichita anchor/reporter Justin Kraemer has been in the business a long time, so it’s understandable that working the weekend shift isn’t exactly his cup of tea. But many viewers of KSN’s Saturday newscast spit their tea all over the TV screen when Kraemer’s hot mic accidentally revealed just how much he dislikes it to the world. It’s too bad Paramount spent all that money promoting Ron Burgundy’s return, because there’s only one sign-off local news lovers will be quoting from now on.”

To some degree, this latest F-bomb situation is reminiscent of the Bismarck, N.D., reporter who nervously muttered “f**kin’ sh*t” on an open mic before his very first anchoring shift. A.J. Clemente made headlines with his one-and-done debut in April when he was first suspended and then fired by KYFR-TV.