Justin Bieber Stands Up For Himself In New ‘Believe’ Trailer, ‘I’m A Good Person’

Justin Bieber New 'Believe' Movie Trailer, 'Of Course I've Been In Love'

Justin Bieber’s ‘Believe’ concert-movie gets a second full trailer as it takes an intentionally intense scroll through some of headline-making moments of the teen star’s unprecedented year.

After coming off his 157-date Believe world tour, also known as the messiest of messiest trek’s this side of Keith Moon, there are two distinct camps waiting to see what the 19-year-old has to say in the Jon M. Chu directed Believe movie.

Beliebers may want the schmaltz and the “hope” as Bieber himself summed 2011’s mega-grossing Never Say Never also helmed by Chu. But a more wizened constituency are curious to see how far manager Scooter Braun’s Believe promise (“There is no fluff”) will be taken.

“I’ve been chased by those same people when they were verbally assaulting me,” Justin reveals in the clip, over a replay of his run-in with a group of paparazzi in London.

“They wanted to get a reaction out of me so they could make me seem out of control,” he adds, “I learned from that. But when they [the audience] really see it from my perspective, I’m a good person.”

In a week in which One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles won a High Court order against a specific paparazzi organization which stops them from harassing him, it remains to be seen if the Canadian will try this route in 2014.

Among a montage of fan frenzy scenes and press headlines close-ups, producer Rodney Jerkins intones “Everyone’s trying to tear him apart,” Justin is seen crying, later followed by a voiceover of him saying, “It’s back to being the underdog;” an impression of the singer’s life as one of extreme pressure as well as privilege is seen.

In a recent chat with MTV News, Chu said the film shows Bieber,

“In the most honest moments. And we’ve built that relationship through many years now, and so you get to see him when no cameras are around, when no Beliebers are around, when no paparazzi are around and I think you’ll get to see a little bit of that when he just talks straight to me.”

Chu added, “I think you’ll see me ask tough questions, you get to see me say certain things about the year and [wonder] ‘does he [have] perspective on his life?’ ”

Ahead of Believe’s world premiere at the Regal L.A. Live on December 18, Bieber, along with members of his team surprised a group of under-privileged children at a screening of the Believe film when they showed up and handed out Christmas presents for a “Toy Drive” on Monday night.

The singer, who turned up with his mother Pattie Mallette and manager Scooter Braun, also sang at the El Capitan Theater in Los Angeles and said a few words after the screening to the delighted kids.

After the “Toy Drive,” which is another example of Justin’s outreach work with children, he tweeted:

After delaying the release of his Journals collection on iTunes until December 23 to add one more track, yesterday Bieber announced the coming seven days would be a “big week” for promotion.

The singer will be dropping by Power 106’s Big Boi’s Neighborhood Tuesday at 7 am (PST) for an interview which is being billed as potentially uproarious and will be live streamed.

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