Miley Cyrus Fan Has 22 Miley Tattoos, Does He Need Therapy?!

Miley Cyrus seems to be in the news every other day, usually over something to do with Twerking or Wrecking Balls.

Perhaps that much media attention gets some fans a little obsessed, as seems to be the case with 40-year-old Carl McCoid from East Yorkshire in Britain.

McCoid is so hooked on Miley Cyrus that he has had most of his body covered with tattoos of her, in one form or another. McCoid has been a fanatical fan of Miley’s since 2009, when he began collecting photographs of her and watching interviews of her on TV.

Among the tattoos are quotes, lyrics and pictures of the star in various places on his arms, hands, torso and legs.

The British publication The Sun reported that back in 2011 McCoid’s wife broke up with him thinking that his obsession with Miley was a “bit weird.”

Mr McCoid, who runs an ironing business, said he hasn’t missed a single Miley performance or interview. Miley Cyrus has been told about McCoid’s avid interest with her which she said, understandably, made her feel “creeped.

McCoid even admitted to reporters that he has a problem and should probably seek some professional help: “I think I need to go and see someone about it,” he said.

Miley Cyrus herself also has a pretty interesting collection of tattoos, including one a portrait of her grandmother Loretta Finley on her arm. She has ‘love’ written on the inside of her ear, a heart and a peace sign on her fingers.

Miley got her first tattoo when she was just 17 and had the meaningful words “Just Breathe” tattooed under her ribs. Since then she also has a dream catcher on her side and a skull on her ankle.